Warrior, Librarian, Jedi Master: Prof. Amy Sturgis on Star Wars

Release Date
December 8, 2016



If Professor Amy Sturgis could be any Star Wars character, she’d choose to be Tahl, the warrior-librarian Jedi. Which character would you be? Discover your inner Star Wars character and choose a side: http://libertyawakens.learnliberty.org/

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One of my very favorite characters, she appeared in novels and in comic books, her name was Tahl. She was a Jedi Master, but she was also essentially a researcher at the Jedi Archives. Pretty much half warrior and half librarian, which just is fantastic. She was so strong with the Force that being blinded on one of her missions didn’t stop her. She was also so committed to the light side that she was able to pull the Jedi to whom she was closest, Qui-Gon Jinn, back from the dark side by her example. If I could be anyone in the Star Wars universe, I would be her.
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