Top 10 Best Videos of 2015

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December 31, 2015


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Learn Liberty’s top 10 best videos of 2015 countdown reviews the videos viewers loved most.. From markets in kidneys to spiders in urinals, 2015 was a great year for learning about the ideas of freedom- and also having some fun.

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Hey fans. Welcome to the Top 10 Videos of 2015 Countdown. Markets, immigration, bailouts, vaping, urinals, we covered it all.
At number 10 we have ‘What is Libertarian?’ This video gets right to the point about a political stance that’s been getting a lot of attention lately. Libertarianism isn’t just about loving guns and Ron Paul, it has its roots in a deep philosophical tradition called classical liberalism.
Our number 9 video is ‘Should You Be Allowed to Sell Your Kidney’ starring Learn Liberty super-professor Peter Jaworski. Peter dropped in on Georgetown University’s quad to see what students thought was permissible to sell.
Number 8, ‘The Best Explanation of the Greece Bailout in 90 Seconds’. Boiled a super complicated topic that financial experts and journalists spend hours explaining into a simple tale of a college kid and his rich uncle. I know he’s screwed up, but look at that face.
Number 7, ‘Let Them In’, is relevant given the current refugee crisis. Economic studies show that free trade and labor benefits the native citizens as much as the immigrants. I bet the food options get better too, but I don’t know if there are economic studies to prove it.
Our number 6 video asks ‘Is Offensive Speech Good For Society?’ Seems strange, but it turns out, yeah. Offensive speech is important, because it challenges us to think about our own beliefs, and if we stopped others from saying what’s on their mind, they could do the same to us.
5 is a real tear-jerker. ‘How CBD Helped a Child With Epilepsy’ is about little Sophia who underwent 3 brain surgeries and tried many complex treatments for her epilepsy. There is a safer, natural, non-intoxicating medication called CBD, but she wasn’t allowed to try it because of Ohio’s marijuana laws.
Coming in at number 4 is, ‘Spider in the Urinal’. Based on a thought experiment by the philosopher Thomas Nagel, this video raised several interesting questions like, “Do good intentions justify terrible results?” And, “Is there anything scarier than being tried in a spider court?”
Number 3 is ‘An Unhealthy Alliance’, about how the strange double-team of tobacco companies and anti-smoking activists are lobbying government to pass laws against vaping, but tobacco companies don’t care about health. Vaping helps many people quit, which hurts their profits. Conspiracy. See, sometimes the black helicopters are real.
Number 2, ‘I Can’t Breathe’, takes on police brutality. When we make laws, they must be enforced by violence. Eric Garner was breaking the law, but he didn’t deserve a death sentence. Limit the number of laws police have to enforce, and we can have fewer tragic cases like Garner’s.
Finally, our top video of 2015. The death penalty may feel like justice, but what if someone’s wrongly convicted due to a forensic mistake, or a corrupt trial? It happens more often than you think. Death is irreversible, and governments make mistakes.
That’s it for our Top 10 Videos of 2015. Don’t forget to watch the playlist for the full videos and subscribe to Learn Liberty to see more videos like this in 2016.