Power, Politics, and Playing Dirty – "Game of Thrones" Learn Liberty Trailer [HD]

Release Date
March 27, 2014


Free Markets and Capitalism

This program will explore the economic and political themes of Game of Thrones through an analysis of the novels by George R.R. Martin along with the television adaptations. The course brings together ideas from economics, history, and political philosophy to show the similarities between this complex fantasy realm and the real economic and social problems of our own world. Special attention will be paid to the role of money in society, the problems of public finance, and the economic and social outlook of the characters and major families found in the story.

1) Game of Thrones as Theory (article): The journal Foreign Affairs examines the imperialism and politics in Game of Thrones
2) The Game of Thrones Is A Game of Coins (article): Matt McCaffrey looks at the economics behind the popular show
3) The Economic Sense in Game of Thrones (article): An interesting look at the banks and finance in Westeros
4) Right Conquers Might (article): What is right, wrong, and peaceful in the world of George RR Martin?
5) Game of Thrones’ Economics (video interview): Matt McCaffrey talks with Reason TV about the ever popular show
6) Power is a Shadow that Kills (blog post): Matt Zwolinski talks people power, kings, and Game of Thrones

Power, Politics, and Playing Dirty – “Game of Thrones” Learn Liberty Trailer [HD]
Narrator: Playing the game of thrones has never been easy for Tyrion Lannister.
Tyrion Lannister: Everyone would do it if it were easy.
Narrator: In his rise to power, and his fall, he’s had to learn hard lessons about politics and power. Learn Liberty Academy will teach you to wield Tyrion’s favorite weapon, knowledge.
Lannister: My brother has a sword and I have my mind, and a mind needs books like a sword needs a wet stone.
Narrator: You’ll have guidance from professor of economics Matthew McCaffrey, who will help you investigate the relationship between money and power, learn about the economics of war and war making, and drunken temper, and historical parallels between Westeros and our own world. Join us today and experience Westeros like never before.