How To Make A Learn Liberty Video – Featuring Star Wars #BTS

Release Date
January 11, 2016


Free Markets and Capitalism Liberty

How To Make A Learn Liberty Video Featuring Star Wars #BTS! Check out this step by step on how to make a creative, educational video!

Star Wars Conspiracy: Does Fear Cost Us Our Liberty? (video): Watch the video being created in this video (meta!), featuring Professor Amy Sturgis explaining the parallels between the Star Wars universe and our own.
Liberty Awakens (website): Watch all of Learn Liberty’s Star Wars videos and take the quiz to learn which character you are!
Liberty & Pop Culture (playlist): Explore the themes of liberty through the lens of House of Cards, the Hunger Games trilogy, and more!

I’m not really this badass in real life.
>> This type of music is yeah.
>> Yes, yes.
>> Are we on video?
>> What are we going to do?
>> Eat.
>> I just poured sugar on my french fries, instead of salt.
>> Will you be part of the resistance?
Or will you let this cycle continue?
>> That was really f**king good.
>> Yeah.
>> I was like, that was really good. I loved that.
>> Well, I am just thrilled. I feel privileged to be a part of this and be working with these people and I’m excited.
I feel like I’m in Ewok with a freshly severed stormtrooper head.
>> Would it help to hold a sword? Because I got you one.