Guilty Til Proven Rich – Drug War Stories (Ep. 8) with Alex Kreit

Release Date
September 11, 2014


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You know what they say about assumptions, right? Well, what if our criminal justice system worked off that flawed system? Right now police officers are making wild assumptions about what a lot of money is, and what a drug dealer is supposed to look like. Listen to Professor Alex Kreit as he explains why our drug laws make no sense, and what you need to do to avoid getting hassled by ‘the man.’

Guilty Till Proven Rich:
One quick example is here:
“There is no serious doubt that at least one of the car’s occupants was in possession of the drugs, and the jury could reasonably infer that Melgar, who was the owner and dri- ver of the automobile and who was found with $236 in cash on his person, had control over its contents.”

You’ve gotta have proof of possession. You see cases where somebody is found with three people in a hotel room and there’s drugs, and they convict the person because they have a large amount of cash on them. A large amount of cash could mean a couple hundred dollars sometimes. And you kind of say ‘well, maybe it’s not that unusual to carry around a couple hundred dollars worth of cash on you, right?’ If you went into Wall St. or something, and saw somebody in a big suit, you’re probably not likely to say ‘ooh, it’s so suspicious, you’ve got a couple hundred dollars on you.’ But there are a lot of cases where you’ve got, ‘well, this person had a large amount of cash, $240.’ And they say that’s really suspicious. And I do think there’s sort of an element there, of well, it’s suspicious only because we think you’re kind of person who shouldn’t have that amount of money.

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