University Privilege – Drug War Stories (Ep. 7) with Alex Kreit

Release Date
September 11, 2014


Criminal Justice Government Justice Liberty Rights

When you think about going to college or university, crime is usually not your first thought. But with sexual assault, robbery, and especially drug related arrests, maybe it’s time to rethink everything you thought you knew about campus safety. While courts don’t often associate dorm rooms as a crime neighborhood, the danger is there, and Professor Alex Kreit is here to discuss what that means for keeping you away from your R.A’s office, or worse.

There are a couple of law review articles about the “high crime” area concept (though not specifically about the oddity that college campuses are never described as “high drug crime” places, they are related): ;

You look in the law, and there’s a concept in a lot of cases where they talk about things taking place in a quote-unquote “high crime neighborhood”. And this has to do with sort of when it is the police can stop you, search you, that sort of thing. And there’s a lot of cases that say ‘well, this is a high drug crime neighborhood.” And that’s something that has always kind of struck me as odd, because, I’ve never once seen a court describe a college or university as a high drug crime neighborhood. But if you look at the statistics, I mean, I guarantee, that there’s every bit as much drug use, if not more, going on in most colleges and universities as there is in the quote-unquote ‘high drug crime neighborhoods’ that the courts talk about.

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