Don't Buy Drugs At The Mall – Drug War Stories (Ep. 6) with Alex Kreit

Release Date
September 11, 2014


Criminal Justice Government Justice Liberty Rights

Right now, while your car or home is being broken into (hopefully not, though) there is a police officer sitting inside a mall drinking an Orange Julius, trying to convince impressionable teenagers to buy drugs.  Professor Alex Kreit offers an inside look at some of the strangest drug enforcement techniques cops are using right now to catch minor drug users.

There’s a case, it’s an undercover officer, who basically sits all day at a mall, and offers people passing by marijuana. I think he’s there a few hours before, finally, this 17-year-old kid buys marijuana from the guy. And the officer arrests him, prosecutes him. The 17 year old tries to argue entrapment. The court says, ‘legally this really isn’t entrapment. You haven’t shown that you were not predisposed to buy it.’  And it’s one of those things where, you kind of think about this, all the crime that’s going on, real offenses, the serious violent crimes that the police could be spending their time on. All the people who’ve had stuff stolen from their car, they call the police, the police say ‘just file the report for insurance; we’re not going to bother taking fingerprints, we don’t have time for this.’ And yet, were going to have somebody spend the day at the mall offering marijuana to people passing by.

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