If You Give A Cop Some Coke – Drug War Stories (Ep. 1) with Alex Kreit

Release Date
September 11, 2014


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Everyone knows the dangers of buying drugs. But did you know there’s a way to buy drugs and have cops actually thank you for it? In an in-depth analysis of the United States’ current drug laws and all of its weird rules, loony litigation and strange loopholes, Professor Alex Kreit takes you behind the scenes and reveals some facts that may surprise you.

The court of appeals opinion in Stanton is here:


There’s this case called Stanton, it was out of Florida. And this guy, he was a reformed drug addict. Recovered. He ran into somebody selling some cocaine. So Stanton decided he was gonna buy it and turn the guy over to the police. Go to the police and say I wanna help you catch this guy. And that’s exactly what he did. He bought the cocaine. He found a police officer a couple of blocks away. He went up to the officer, he said “Here are some drugs, I wanna turn them into you, and help you get the guy who is selling them.” The police officer arrested Stanton, they said “you’re in possession of cocaine.” And they got a conviction, because under the law, technically, it seemed like he was in possession. On appeal, though, the court said “We’re gonna overturn this. On a theory of this thing call possession for disposal.”  Which basically says if you have drugs for the sole purpose of turning them over to the authorities, or throwing them in the garbage, then you have a defense to the crime of possession.

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