Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide to Patents, Trademarks, & More [Teaser]

Release Date
November 19, 2014


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Microsoft. Google.
These massively successful companies don’t owe their success to innovative ideas alone—they are successful, in part, because of copyrights and patents. In this new online course, Professor Tom W. Bell of Chapman University explores how intellectual property can help—and harm–entrepreneurs. Through real case studies and practical instruction on things like registering copyrights, you’ll get the hands-on, how-to knowledge you need to turn your enterprise into an empire.

Take a peek at a debate explaining both sides of intellectual property rights. (article): https://fee.org/the_freeman/arena/intellectual-property-rights
A book which makes a strong case against intellectual property (pdf): http://mises.org/library/against-intellectual-property-0
Intellectual Property is Not True Property (article): http://mises.org/library/intellectual-property-not-true-property
How “Intellectual Property” Impedes Competition (article): http://fee.org/the_freeman/detail/how-intellectual-property-impedes-competition

How did the name Bill Gates become synonomous with Microsoft? Or Larry Page or Sergey Brin with Google? It wasn’t just due to their technical genious or business acumen. Without copyrights, Bill Gates might not be Bill Gates. Without patents, Google may have gone the way of AOL or Pets.com. Each of those entrepeneurs achieved success in large part thanks to intellectual property. That’s why I sat out to make an online course on the topic; one that would help even students with no prior experience in the field understand IP. A course that would go light on theory and instead focus on the hands-on knowledge essential to entrepreneurs. You’ll learn how a copyright can help turn your fledging enterprise into an empire or how misusing someone’s ideas can cost you big bucks like the time the Supreme Court shut down Grokster or that time Taco Bell had to pay out 42 million dollars for those “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” ads. The course also includes quick how-to videos that you can refer back in your entrepeneurial exploits, so you’ll never wonder which one of these symbols you need next to your new company logo. So if you’ve ever had an idea you think might change the world, or if you simply want to learn more about what makes our world economy work, you’ll find this fascinating and practical course well worth taking. Click here to sign up.