Do American Muslims Believe In Religious Freedom?

Release Date
December 7, 2016


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Contrary to some political rhetoric you may have heard, American Muslims believe in religious freedom. In fact, American Muslims are even more strongly opposed to religion impacting govt than American Christians. Policy Analyst David Bier explains:

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One of the other things that we did at CATO was take a look at how do Muslim Americans compare to other Muslims around the world and to Americans and their views. What we found was that they are remarkably more liberal and socially tolerant than Muslims in other countries, including in Europe. A lot of people make a false comparison between the United States and Europe in this respect. You have to understand that Muslim Americans, 81% of them are recent immigrants the United States or the children of immigrants. Really, we would expect their views to reflect their home countries, but the reality is that they overwhelmingly reject ideas like Sharia Law being imposed in the United States.
A majority 55% say that they would reject having their religion influence policy in any way, even as a partial source, which is something that US Christians do not agree with when it comes to the Bible. They take a very strong separation of church and state stance, more so than other Americans even.