America’s Founding, Ep. 1: Why Our Founding Fathers Risked It All

Release Date
July 3, 2016


Government History Liberty Taxing

Remembering the incredible risks our founding fathers took for us to live a life of freedom, choice, and fireworks on the 4th of July.
When celebrating on Independence day, do you ever stop to think about the incredible risks the Founders took when they rebelled against British authority? They were starting a war with the greatest military power of the time, when they did not have a mighty fighting force themselves. And they were fighting for a type of government that most people thought was impossible. Prof. Sarah Burns explains the importance of asking WHY they did what they did, as she will go on to explain in the following videos.

America’s Founding On Demand Program: Sarah Burns runs through the context and implications of the Revolutionary War, with questions and discussions to test your knowledge. 
The Moral Right To Resist Authority (with focus on the American Revolution) (video): Lecture video from on civil disobedience and the American Revolution. 
America’s Revolution As A People’s War (Article): Independent Institute write up on the grassroots natures of the revolutionary war commemorating the bicentennial in 1976.