America's Founding, Ep. 2: How The British Enraged The Colonists

Release Date
July 6, 2016


Government History Liberty Taxing

In the decade before the revolution, British soldiers had started to act more like an occupying force than a source of security. Prof. Sarah Burns explains why this happened, and how increasing tensions between colonists and soldiers became one of the major reasons for declaring independence.

America’s Founding On Demand Program: Sarah Burns runs through the context and implications of the Revolutionary War, with questions and discussions to test your knowledge. 
The Boston Massacre (Article): Short article talking about the military occupation of Boston and the Boston Massacre. 
The Coercive Acts and Their Theoretical Significance (Article): The British response to the Boston Tea Party and the revolution-sparking Coercive Acts. 
Taxes & Smuggling – Prelude to A Revolution: Crash Course US History #6 (Video). Crash Course video on the events that lead to the revolution and the main reasons for it.