School’s out and summer is here, and it’s a great opportunity to keep learning outside the classroom.
To that end, Learn Liberty is excited to bring you #HayekandChill, five video series about relevant topics on students’ minds.
Here’s a quick overview of the subjects we’ll be covering.

Feel the Bern – Election Issues

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In summer 2016, the upcoming presidential election is top of mind for most Americans. If you want an in-depth understanding about what all of the candidates are talking about, explore our “Election Issues” series, beginning June 21st.
From criminal justice reform, to terrorism, to student debt, Professor Don Boudreaux cuts through the politicking and the noise to give you a breakdown of 2016’s hottest issues.

Do the Swanson – The Ideas that Shaped America

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Next up is our America’s Founding series, debuting July 4th, 2016. Learn about the group of rebels responsible for launching a revolution and founding a country – and understand the ideas that our nation was founded upon.
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Throughout the rest of the summer, we’ll be releasing three additional series on the following topics:

  • foreign policy
  • free speech
  • behavioral economics

The complete, color-coded schedule is below:

Why #HayekandChill?

Friedrich Hayek loved freedom before it was cool. No, really: the Nobel prize-winning Austrian economist served in WWI and lived through WWII. After watching the failures of centrally planned economies to create peace and prosperity (or even meet basic needs, such as in the USSR), Hayek devoted his career to illustrating how social and economic freedom are necessary for human flourishing.
In 1946, a Cornell professor named F.A. Harper (known to friends as “Baldy”) left his position at the university after officials banned him from assigning readings to his students from Hayek’s book, The Road to Serfdom. Realizing the need to promote and protect freedom in academia, Harper founded the Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) in 1961.
IHS still fights for academic freedom today, and in 2011, the organization created Learn Liberty to reach students in a whole new way: through online videos, articles, and programs. For five years we’ve been carrying out F.A. Harper’s vision to create a marketplace of ideas where voices like Hayek’s, advocating peace and prosperity, can be heard.
So this summer, grab some friends and continue your intellectual journey through #HayekandChill.