The government wants to mess with your gaming. Well, not directly. But the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is messing with the internet, which could slow down your connection at the very moment you need it most.
The video below explains: “Many Internet activists support an idea called net neutrality which is supposed to require companies like Comcast and Time Warner to treat all Internet traffic the same, so that the Internet stays fair and open. But the FCC’s new rules don’t do that.” They threaten the faster connection speeds for things that need it – like your Call of Duty game – in the name of fairness. This will make the Internet less efficient and make experimenting with new ideas to improve connection speeds more difficult.
For online gamers and other Internet users, it means more lag time and slower buffering speeds. “The Internet exploded into awesomeness once government got out of the way,” the video explains. “Creative people can try, fail, and succeed without hundreds of rules and permission slips. Let’s return to that hands off approach to the most important invention of all time, ever.” Or at least don’t screw with our gaming!