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Congestion tax in Manhattan: Readers speak!

Last month, I wrote a post that asked whether Manhattan should tax ride-shares, tax all vehicles, do something else, or do nothing at all. And you had some ideas about that. Below, I have tried to combine your answers (I got nearly 30) into a manageable set of categories. Responses were about evenly split among Do Nothing, Impose General Congestion Tax, and Impose Taxes on Ride-Shares. To save space, and avoid repetition, I chose some of the most representative of each group, edited them very lightly, and combined them to make what I print below as an illustration of a general view. That means


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The organic industry is a case study in rent-seeking.

Adam Smith, the 18th century economist and philosopher, offered good insights into human nature as well as economics.  “People of the same trade seldom

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