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Congestion tax in Manhattan: Readers speak!

Last month, I wrote a post that asked whether Manhattan should tax ride-shares, tax all vehicles, do something else, or do nothing at all. And you had some ideas about that. Below, I have tried to combine your answers (I got nearly 30) into a manageable set of categories. Responses were about evenly split among Do Nothing, Impose General Congestion Tax, and Impose Taxes on Ride-Shares. To save space, and avoid repetition, I chose some of the most representative of each group, edited them very lightly, and combined them to make what I print below as an illustration of a general view. That means


The organic industry is a case study in rent-seeking.

Adam Smith, the 18th century economist and philosopher, offered good insights into human nature as well as economics.  “People of the same trade seldom


Free trade lets us turn corn into cars.

People often see international trade and immigration as a way that foreigners take advantage of us, but economists, whether they're liberal or conservative,

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Do NFL players have the right to take the knee?

We need to be careful about arguing that players have a First Amendment right to protest peacefully on the field.


Is the USA really the highest-taxed nation in the world?

President Trump has repeatedly claimed that the United States is the highest-taxed country in the world. The data people are using to fact-check him are misleading.

Health Care

Why compassionate people should reject Bernie’s single-payer health care plan

The government has been ruining US health care since 1946.


Notes from the bubble

We treat those we believe to be ill-motivated as adversaries to be defeated, and we frequently have no compunction about excluding them from our “disinterested pursuit of truth.”


There's one situation where classical liberals can justify foreign intervention.

For any kind of libertarian/classical liberal, the question with foreign policy is which course of action is going to most maximize liberty, both in the country that is potentially doing the intervening and the part of the world where the intervention might take place.

Health Care

How Obamacare fails breastfeeding mothers

Without government interference in my insurance plan, where would I be today?


The timber industry illustrates exactly what's wrong with international trade restrictions.

It is an easy mistake to think that restrictions on international trade that help one industry “grow and prosper” will help all industries “grow and prosper.”


This is the best way to provide relief after a hurricane.

When we experience a large decrease in supply, or an increase in scarcity, the price mechanism helps us know what to do next.
Prices are the moral rationing agents of market exchange.


Ilya Somin on Game of Thrones and voter ignorance — highlights from his AMA

Professor Ilya Somin recently joined us on Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” conversation as part of our Learn Liberty Reddit AMA Series. He answered your questions about Game of Thrones, voter ignorance, and the prospects for bipartisan reforms in the direction of liberty. Fans of Learn Liberty will recognize Professor Somin as the star of our popular video, I Can’t Breathe: […]


Stop saying that! Limited liability does not mean what you think it means.

The next time someone starts explaining to you how government regulation is needed because corporations have the special privilege of limited liability, please channel Count Rugen.


What’s wrong with being a rich kid with rich parents?

In partly free societies, more intergenerational mobility isn’t always a good thing.


Who are the most generous helpers in the wake of Hurricane Irma?

The media rarely celebrate ordinary people doing jobs for which they get paid. But the man selling several generators can be more impactful than the man giving one away.


The real reason young people can’t get jobs in Africa

Given that Africa has the world’s youngest population, the lack of steady, formal-sector jobs is an enormous political and economic risk factor. Unemployed youth are more likely to be criminals, may be lured into militant groups, and contribute to political unrest.


Permissionless innovation: The fuzzy idea that rules our lives

People sometimes ask me, “What is the most important concept in political economy?” The answer is easy, but subtle …

Politics & Policy

What politicians really mean when they say they're pro-business

Whenever a politician claims to be pro-business, stop to look at what they actually mean by it. The approach makes all the difference.


FEMA should not favor zoos over houses of worship

It is a bedrock American principle that governments cannot discriminate against religious citizens and institutions.